Our services range from design & construction, inspections, installations and upgrades to servicing and maintenance. 

Geysers and Components

  • Installation of new or replacement of existing Geysers
  • Servicing of components
  • Issue of Certificates of Compliance
  • Installation and/or conversion of Solar and Heat pump systems

Hot and Cold Water Systems

  • Audio Leak Detection of hot and cold water lines
  • Audio Leak Detection on Waste pipe(s)
  • Gas Leak detection
  • Dye testing
  • Burst pipe replacements and/or re-routing or re-piping
  • Camera Inspections

Sewer/ Storm Water Lines

  • Unblocking of drains, sewer and storm water lines
  • Elliminate roots or other obstacles and household blockages
  • Installation and Maintenance

Sanitary Ware

  • Installation of baths, toilets, bidets, mixers, showers, basins and urinals
  • General maintenance of Sanware

High Rise Buildings

  • Installation of Break pressure and Header tanks
  • Installation of water meters
  • Installation of booster pumps
  • Installation of Hose reel and Hydrants
  • Re-furbishment of Plumbing Systems
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